Are my sessions confidential?

In giving consent to me as your therapist to provide services, I have a duty to protect your confidentiality except where the law requires disclosure of certain information. There are several situations in which I cannot assure confidentiality including:

  1. I have a duty to report the abuse or neglect of a dependent adult and/or domestic violence offenses to the Department of Community Based Services;

  2. I have a duty to report any instance of child neglect, exploitation or abuse to Community Based Services and/or the police;

  3. I have a duty to report any threats against persons to the intended victim(s) and to the police;

  4. I have a duty to release information to agencies or persons with a need to know when a client is in need of hospitalizations; and

  5. When a client introduces personal mental health or substance abuse issues in court proceedings then confidentiality is waived by the client.


What if I need my therapist to disclose my information to a third party?

Sometimes in treatment, it is necessary to disclose personal health information and clinical records to a third party such as a family doctor or other health care providers. In this case the client must sign an “Authorization to Use and Disclose Information”. This can be provided by me at your request or my recommendation.


What if I have signed a “Authorization to Use and Disclose Information", but I want to revoke this?

As my client, you have the right to revoke any prior release of information. Simply let me know you wish to revoke the release and I will provide you with the proper documentation to sign and complete this process.


As a parent/guardian, am I allowed to know what is discussed during your sessions?

If you are under 18 years of age, the law may give your parent or guardian the legal right to review your Clinical Record. Before giving parents any information we will discuss the matter with you, if possible, and do our best to handle any objections you may have. This being said, I attempt to keep information discussed during session confidential, unless there are risk factors that warrant disclosure to the parent/guardian.


Can I email my therapist with confidential information?

If you are going to communicate with me via email, you are required to complete documentation giving me permission to do so. I will supply this upon request.


Can I bring a family member to my session?

You may bring other individuals (such as a family member) to your therapy sessions if you feel this would be helpful or if I recommend it. A third party is not a client and there is no confidentiality between Luke Buckman, LCSW and the third party. The third party shall not have any rights to access any part of your file, including but not limited to any session in which the third party participated unless you sign a release. If a decision is made to include a third party, you are required to complete and sign the document entitled, “Consent to Include Third Party”.

**For all other questions pertaining to confidentiality, please address me personally or refer to “Notice of Privacy Practices” which is signed by clients before the initial intake. **